Access to public information

In its activity the National Accreditation Agency Ukraine abides by the principles of openness and transparency. Much attention is paid to proper implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information”.

Under the law, public information is the information reflected and documented by any means and on any media that was received or created in process of implementation by public authorities of their duties specified by current legislation or which is owned by public authorities.

In pursuance of this law, the President of Ukraine signed the Decrees “The Question of Providing Access to Public Information by the Executive Authorities” and “On Priority Measures Aimed at Providing Access to Public Information in Subsidiary Bodies Established by the President of Ukraine.” These decrees are intended to ensure implementation of the constitutional right of citizens to freely collect, store, use and disseminate information.

In order to receive public information, administered by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine, it is necessary to submit a request for information.

Requests may be submitted by:

  • post sending a letter at the address: Generala Almazova Street, 18/7, Kyiv, 01133;
  • telephone +38 (044) 369-34-70;
  • e-mail:

Forms for submission of public information requests can be found on the NAAU web site:

  • individuals;
  • legal entities;
  • associations of citizens.

 In public information requests one needs to specify the following:

  • requestor’s name and surname, address or e-mail address, and telephone number; 
  • general description of the information or the type, name, essential elements or content of the requested document;
  • signature and date, in case the request was submitted in written form.