Report on participation in meeting of RTAs of the Twinning and their partners from the Ukrainian authorities

The event took place on 06.27.2013 in the premises of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service. Organizer – National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Administration Office of the Twinning. Working language – English.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the projects that are currently going on in Ukraine. In his opening remarks, Chairman the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service Mr. Tolkovanov informed about the status of projects in Ukraine (20 in the process of implementation, general – 60, 8 – new), changes in legislation and plans for reformation of of Civil Service by 2016. He emphasized on expectations as to the Association Agreement between Ukraine EU. The issue of English fluency of civil servants – to provide language courses.

The importance of projects for the association was supported by the representative of the European Commission.

Representative of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service provided suggestions for improvement (dialogue between the parties, planning, clear delineation of rights and obligations).

Mr. Berridge presented the agreed a joint presentation with suggestions and best practice experience (nice that National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service have chosen NAAU’s presentation!). I added to the presentation an NAAU’s experience regarding mandatory reporting of participation in activities and dissemination of information to all employees through NAAU’s local information network – this ensures dissemination of best practice.

Representatives of other projects shared their challenges: language barrier, changing partners, vague understanding of responsibility and other. On some issues Mr. Berridge and I offered an advice. Other issues were discussed with the participation of almost everyone.

Reporting by Mr. Krasiuk