Meeting of the Working group on Accreditation (WGA)

On the 21st of May the Working group on Accreditation (WGA) has convened at NAAU premises.

WGA is created within the EU project “Technical Assistance to the Ukrainian Quality Infrastructure” with the aim of discussing the most relevant issues in the sphere of accreditation that will be taken into account in the process of modernization of the Ukrainian Quality Infrastructure.

The participants of the meeting approved the Decision document that, as a recommendation, will be submitted to the Steering Committee of the mentioned EU project.

This document highlighted the issues of the amendments’ project to the Law of Ukraine “On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies”, accreditation of 4 national metrological institutes (NMIs) that are signatories to the CIPM MRA, as well as a relevant issue of timely implementation in Ukraine of international standards in the field of conformity assessment.