NAAU Accreditation Council Meeting

The meeting of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) Accreditation Council took place on July 26, 2016 at the premises of the Department for Technical regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (hereinafter – MEDT).

Seventeen members of the Council took part in the meeting, they are representatives of public authorities, scientific establishments (unions, associations) and accredited conformity assessment bodies. NAAU Chairman, NAAU employees and representatives of MEDT had also participated in the meeting.

The following items were considered:

- the results of working group progress on considering the matter of appeals regarding NAAU activities;

- the endorsement of amendments made to NAAU Appeals Commission;

- the letter of MEDT of 23.05.2016 regarding accreditation scopes of conformity assessment bodies;

- revision of 4 NAAU policies.

The following decisions were made upon Meeting Minutes consideration:

-  to endorse the letter regarding the results of considering the appeals of national deputy Kryvosheya on NAAU activities and to direct the letter to two Comities of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as well as to the parliamentary faction of the Political Party “NARODNIY FRONT” and also to forward the information of this decision to Stepan Kubiv, First-Vice-Prime Minister – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;

- to endorse and to recommend for application new revisions of NAAU policies;

- to recommend NAAU to get in touch with the Technical Committee for Accreditation regarding the classification of CAB violations that occur in the process of accreditation and further activities and are related to the term “gross violations”, identified in art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On Conformity Assessment Bodies Accreditation”;

- to agree the after discussion amendments made to the Provision on the Appeals Commission of NAAU;

-  to take note of the information regarding a sole approach towards forming accreditation scopes for conformity assessment bodies.

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