Presidium meeting of the Technical Accreditation Committee

On the 25th of March 2011 the 29th meeting of the Presidium of the Technical Accreditation Committee (TAC) has convened at NAAU premises.

The following decisions were adopted at the meeting:

1. Interlaboratory comparison tests

- Chairs of TAC Subcommittees to intensify the ILC work in the corresponding fields.

2. Forms of accreditation scopes for bodies for certification of product to take into account the requirements of Technical Regulations

- Recommend NAAU to make designation in the field 3 of Form 08.03.17 as follows “The names of technical regulations in conformity assessment field, regulatory documents, where product indicators are established, against which assessment is to be conducted”.

3. Competence of staff of conformity assessment bodies

- During the accreditation works for CB of products that operate within technical regulations, to take into account the availability of training of its personnel against the requirements of specific technical regulations.

4. Establishing criteria for sustainable practice of CABs

- Suggest NAAU to finalize the document on establishing criteria for sustainable practice of CABs with regard to comments and suggestions from TAC members.

5. Organizational matters

- Approve the TAC’s Annual Report for 2010 and hold a General Meeting in December of 2011.

The meeting was attended by UkrAO’s Director Mr. Kazantsev.

Participated in the meeting on part of NAAU: Chairman Mr. Chekalin, Deputy Chairman Mr. Gorytskyy, Head of the Department for Laboratory Accreditation Mr. Lykin, Section Head Miss Olha Khromenko and two chief specialists: Mr. Ihor Gogoman and Mr. Vitaly Bohaievsky.