EA General Assembly meeting

In the period of May 25 – 26, 2016 a 37th meeting of European Co-operation for Accreditation General Assembly (EA GA) took place in Windsor, United Kingdom. The meeting was attended by the NAAU Chairman, Viktor Gorytskyy and Chief Specialist of the Division for International Cooperation, Information Support and Quality, Volodymyr Koveshnikov.

The following issues were discussed during the meeting:

  • EA cooperation with other international organizations that act within generic quality infrastructure.
  • Accreditation for notification procedure;
  • Current EA procedures, amendments and the development of new regulatory documents;
  • Relations with the European Commission and the states of European Free Trade Association;
  • Approval of amendments to the EA Articles of Association;
  • Consideration of draft EA development program up to 2025;
  • Reports of the Chairs of the Committees and representatives of stakeholders were heard

Upon the results of GA Meeting following decisions were made:

  • All members of EA, including the signatories of Bilateral Agreements on recognition shall be entitled to vote at meetings of EA Multilateral Agreement Council (EA MAC);
  • Status of EA 2/17 ” EA guidance on the horizontal requirements for the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies for notification purposes” will be reviewed, after which the status will be changed from the Information to Mandatory;
  • International Federation of Inspection Agencies officially was recognized as a stakeholder, a corresponding agreement was signed;
  • The Chair and the Executive Secretary of EA are authorized to sign Bilateral Agreement on cooperation between EA and the Standardization Council of Canada;
  • Mandatory documents of  IAF and ILAC, that are obligatory for ЕА and its members, will be approved automatically (without specific decisions of GA);
  • Extension of ЕA MLA for ISO/IEC 17043 is planned to be obtained before April 2017.