Meeting of the Accreditation Council was conducted

On 18thof February, 2014 the Meeting of the Accreditation Council of the National Accreditation Agebcy of Ukraine was conducted.
Members of Accreditation Council and the following guests have participated in the Meeting of Accreditation Council:

  • Kladiev V.М. – Administration of the President of Ukraine;
  • Kovalevska Y.S. – Acting Chairman of the National Agency of Ukraine on state service issues ;
  • Rushchak V.М. – Chairman of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.

During the discussion of organizational issues of the Accreditation Council work, the President of the association “International Association of conformity assessment bodies” – Chekalin V.M. was selected as the Chair of the Council, Director of the Department for the Quality of medical and pharmaceutical care of Ministry of Health of Ukraine – Donchenko T.M. and Director General of the state enterprise “UkrNDNC” – Kabanenko E.V. were selected as Deputy Chairs of Accreditation Council.

During the meeting it was discussed the issue on preparations for the EA evaluation and the preparation for joining ILAC and IAF, participation of Ukrainian delegation in the meeting of heads of national accreditation bodies concerning signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between national accreditation bodies of states – participants of the CIS, conclusion of bilateral agreements with national accreditation bodies of the EU, the conclusion of bilateral agreements with the national accreditation bodies of CIS, the unified form of the blank of cover sheet of testing protocols and calibration certificates with security elements and a unified electronic system of registration.
In particular, at the meeting there were considered the reports on activities of NAAU, Attestation Commission, personnel on accreditation and NAAU Commission on appeals.

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