Meeting with the technical mission of the World Bank

On April 26 2016, a meeting between the represantatives of NAAU and the technical mission of World Bank Group took place at the premises of NAAU, the aim of the mission is to start the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) Gap Assessment in support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade(MEDT) reform efforts to facilitate the access for the Ukrainian goods to the advanced markets of the European Union countries. The mission consists of Mr. Andrei Mìkhnev, Head of the trade and Competitiveness Unit, Mr. Hussein Ugur, NQI Expert and Ms. Iryna Kuzmina, T&C Consultant.

The following items were discussed during the meeting:
- procedures of accreditation and issues related to NAAU cooperation with other organizations within the framework of Quality Infrastructure system of Ukraine;
- ensuring of metrological traceability, accreditation of calibration laboratories, and participation of accredited Ukrainian laboratories in the programs of inter-laboratory comparisons of test results;
-NAAU recruitment procedure with the competence required, especially for perpective fields of NAAU activities.

It was agreed during the meeting to continue further deepening of cooperation between the project Draft and NAAU to jointly improve interaction of organizations within the framework of Quality infrastructure.