Participating of NAAU personnel in the committees of EA and ILAC

In accordance with the commitments made under the Associate Membership of NAAU which calls for participation in the work and meetings of EA committees that involve discussion of developments of accreditation processes and procedures, their harmonized application between all accreditation bodies – members of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) .

Participation of NAAU’s responsible representatives in these events makes it possible to get acquainted with the latest trends and developments of the European accreditation infrastructure in specialized areas of CAB’s accreditation and bring the results for strengthening of NAAU’s capacities and prompt further development and harmonization of national accreditation system in accordance with European guidelines.

Given the global impact of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), namely the harmonization of technical policy in matters of accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories and inspection bodies and promising area of ??NAAU’s recognition at the international level – participation in meetings of ILAC is a strategic prerogative of NAAU in building its own capacity in accordance with the international principles of accreditation.

In order for proper preparation for participation in such meetings, a responsible staff at NAAU was designated for relevant activities of EA and ILAC .