Management of TCA

Position in TCA Name, surname Position in the main job Name of organization (job)
Chair Korotkov Borys Scientific consultant, Ph.D. in metrology and metrological suppor Corporation “Interagency Certification centre”
Chair of subcommittee 01 Bondarenko Yuriy Head of Department, Ph.D. Electric Welding Institute named after E.O.Paton
Chair of subcommittee 02 Semenovych


Head of the Ukrainian scientific-methodical center of conformity and testing of food products «Ukrmetrteststandart»
Chair of subcommittee 03 Pyvovar Valeriy Director, Ph.D. State Scientific & Research Institute “Elastik”
Chair of subcommittee 04 Tarasyik Vasyl Deputy Director, Ph.D. State Scientific & Research Institute of Building Constructions
Chair of subcommittee 05 Redziuk Anatoliy Director, Ph.D. State Road Transport Scientific & Research and Project Institute
Chair of subcommittee 06 Velychko


Director of research and production institute of metrological provision of measurement of electromagnetic quantities (№3) «Ukrmetrteststandart»
Section of accreditation of defense products CABs (SK-07) Vlasov Volodymyr Head of Laboratory of firearms Scientific & Research Institute (SRI) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine
Chair of subcommittee 08 Parakuda Vasyl Deputy Director, Professor SE «State Scientific & Research Institute «System», Lviv city
Chair of subcommittee 09 Heylomskyi Oleksandr Chairman The Council of Ukrainian Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Chair of subcommittee 10 Vorobienko Petro Rector, Ph.D., Professor Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications
Chair of subcommittee 11 Radko Vitaliy Deputy Director, Deputy Head of Personnel Certification Body Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Non-destructive Testing