Workshop on accreditation of medical laboratory

Workshop “Accreditation of medical laboratories according to the requirements of ДСТУ EN ISO 15189:2015″ organized by NAAU took place on 20th of October at EC “KyivExpoPlaza” within the framework of International Healthcare Management Forum.

The workshop was held with the participation of NAAU Deputy Chairman – Head of the department for  planning and organizing – Valerii Krasiuk, the Head of the Division for Surveillance of Accredited Laboratories of NAAU – Andrii Budnik, Leading Specialist of the Division for accreditation of laboratories of NAAU, Ph.D. degree in biology – Shevchenko L.Y, Head of the Science Center, medical innovation monitoring of hospital “Feofania”, PhD in Medicine, professor Kotuza A. and Deputy CEO of the quality of medical laboratory “DILA” Krasnov V.V.

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

- Information concerning NAAU activity and authorities;

- Review of ДСТУ EN 15189:2015 Medical laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence;

- Practical aspects of accreditation field standards requirements implementation in the activities of medical laboratories with an example of “Dila “Testing Laboratory Accreditation;

- Experience of the development, implementation and accreditation of a quality management system at diagnostic laboratory of “Feofania” Hospital for compliance with the EN ISO 15189: 2015 “Medical laboratories -requirements for quality and  competence”;

- NAAU procedure for accreditation of medical laboratories.

During the workshop NAAU Chairman, Victor Gorytskyy handed the first certificate of accreditation in compliance with the ДСТУ EN ISO 15189: 2015 “Medical laboratories -requirements for quality and competence issued for medical laboratory “DILA”

The workshop was attended by 200 representatives of medical laboratories, clinical and pediatric hospitals, medical and clinical diagnostic centers.

Participants expressed their interest in implementing  ДСТУ EN ISO 15189: 2015, the accreditation procedure of NAAU as well as in training of medical laboratories personnel.