Greetings from the Minister of economy of Ukraine Mr. Danylyshyn on the occasion of the International Accreditation Day

I sincerely extend my greetings for the staff of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine with the International Accreditation Day!

A global joint initiative by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) marks June 9th as the International Accreditation Day.

International practice shows that the role of accreditation is becoming ever more significant. This type of economic activity receives a lot of attention.

Globalization of worldwide economies has stipulated the contemporary mission of accreditation – to provide on the international level for mutual trust towards the results of conformity assessment activities of accredited conformity assessment bodies throughout the world.

Besides the economic rules of international trade, the World Trade Organization also formulates for its member countries the so-called “technical” rules for the system of technical regulation. With the aim of technical provision for mutual recognition of accreditation systems of European countries, the professional association was created – the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).

Our country, being a member of the World Trade Organization, does not stand aside of these issues. Towards the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies”, under auspices of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine was created in 2002. Since that time, the National Accreditation Agency has done quite a lot in approximating the national accreditation system in line with the requirements of international and regional organizations for accreditation.

In particular, a great number of conformity assessment bodies have been accredited in conformity with international and European standards. The internal management system of the National Accreditation Agency was implemented in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17011, which sets the general requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies. Almost every national accreditation body in Europe operates in conformity to this standard.

The constant monitoring for compliance with these requirements is done at the Agency, as well as with the objective for improving the rendered accreditation services for the interested parties.

As part of the National Agency, the Accreditation Council, the Technical Accreditation Committee, the Commission for Appeals and the Commission for attestation of accreditation personnel are functioning.

During this period, NAAU has accredited 256 testing and 3 calibration laboratories, 27 bodies for product certification, 16 bodies for quality systems certification, 4 bodies for personnel certification, 2 bodies for certification of environmental management systems, 1 inspection body and 2 bodies for management system certification.

Starting in 2006, the National Accreditation Agency in cooperation with the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) gradually approximates accreditation system of Ukraine in line with international and European requirements for confirming the competency of conformity assessment bodies.

It is worth noting that the National accreditation system has repeatedly been positively assessed by international and European experts. A Contract for cooperation has been signed between NAAU and EA, as well as an affiliate membership at ILAC is in effect.

I am convinced that the professionalism of NAAU staff and dedication to the chosen work will further complement raising trust towards the quality and safety of national products, enhancing the competitiveness of our industry.

I believe that by consolidating our efforts we will raise the level of trust towards conformity assessment activities and will create conditions for recognition of the results of accredited national bodies’ activities on the international level.

I take this opportunity to sincerely greet the staff of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine with the professional holiday. From the bottom of my heart I wish all staff at the Agency – robust health, goodness, optimism, inspiration, further success and new achievements in this important and necessary work for Ukraine.

Bohdan Danylyshyn
Minister of Economy of Ukraine