Presidium meeting of the Technical Accreditation Committee

On the 23rd of April 2010 the Presidium of the Technical Accreditation Committee (TAC) has convened at NAAU premises.

The following issues were under consideration at the meeting:

  • Translation draft of the EA document 04/15 “Accreditation for Non-Destructive Testing”
  • New versions of accreditation policies:

Traceability measurement that is conducted by CAB in accordance with the requested scope (ЗД-08.00.09);

Fulfillment of the requirements as to assessment of uncertainty measurement (ЗД-08.01.10)

  • Draft of the amendments to “Qualification requirements, order and rules for the attestation of personnel in accreditation”
  • Organizational issues.

Participated at the meeting on behalf of NAAU: First deputy Chairman Mr. A.Paziuk, Deputy Chairman Mr. V.Gorytskyy, Heads of the departments Mr. V. Krasiuk, Mr. S. Martsynchyk, Mrs. T. Tkachenko, Mr. P. Busol and Deputy head of the department Ms. O. Khromenko.