Evaluation of NAAU by the European cooperation for Accreditation

From 12 May to 16 May 2014 evaluation team of European cooperation for Accreditation (EA) conducted first stage evaluation of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine. Evaluation team consisted of the following leading professional experts of national accreditation bodies: Norbert Müller – Austria, Gokhan Birbil – Turkey, Peter Kunz – Slovenia, Mladen Vrebsevych – Croatia.

Evaluation sphere concerned the re-evaluation NAAU in the accreditation scope of Personnel certification bodies, for which in 2009 NAAU signed Bilateral Agreement with EA and initial evaluation in the spheres of accreditation of Product certification bodies and Inspection bodies.

Evaluation was carried out in accordance with the international standard ISO / IEC 17011, which establishes the requirements for national accreditation bodies and relevant requirements EA-2/02 M: 2011 “EA Policy and Procedures for the Multilateral Agreement”.  EA evaluation team also used an information contained in the NAAU self –assessment that was sent to the group for training in advance.

During the evaluation were analyzed NAAU documents by EA group and conducted workshops with NAAU management and staff concerning the structure of the national accreditation body, management system, procedure for accreditation, responsibilities of accredited conformity assessment bodies and NAAU etc. Also conducted observations (witness), that were conducted by NAAU assessors in accreditation  in the above mentioned spheres.

The summary of evaluation team of the European cooperation for Accreditation is the following:

“The National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) is the sole national accreditation body of Ukraine, with an established and comprehensive management system developed in agreement with and covering of all requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 and applicable EA, ILAC and IAF guidelines.

The management and the staff of NAAU allowed very open and constructive discussions. The documents, records and files reviewed during the evaluation in the office and the assessments witnessed by the EA evaluators gave the team the opportunity to get a full picture of the operation and performance of NAAU for the scope covered.

The staff members of NAAU appear to be competent and have good knowledge of the aspects of the relevant accreditation activity. Also the external assessors and experts were found to be competent for their duties and tasks.

NAAU is working in a strictly regulated public administration environment. This includes the danger of overestimating formalisms.

NAAU has not yet started the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies for notification purposes. Ukraine is at the moment at the point of signing relevant agreements with the European Union. Ukraine has implemented on a voluntary basis a number of New Approach Directives and NAAU is accrediting for them on a national scheme basis. NAAU has established successfully close relations with the competent authorities, which are co-operating in the Accreditation Council.

The findings raised during the last evaluation visit were considered by NAAU and planned actions have been implemented according to the proposed timing.

The team is confident that NAAU operates according to the international standards and proposes that NAAU under condition of proper closure of the findings and that the second part of the evaluation does not reveal fundamental issues regarding traceability of measurements and testing in general remains signatory of the EA MLA for

  • Certification bodies for:
    • Personnel according to ISO/IEC 17024 and becomes signatory for
  • Inspection bodies according to ISO/IEC 17020
  • Certification bodies for:
    • Products according to EN 45011 / ISO/IEC 17065”
Norbert Mueller (AA)
Peter Kunc (SA)
TM inspection
Mladen Vrebcevic (HAA)
TM products
Görkhan Birbil (TURKAK)
TM certification persons, products

At present NAAU is preparing for the second phase of the evaluation by the EA.

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