History of NAAU

For the fulfillment of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection” of 12.05.1991 No. 1023-XII and Decree of Cabinet Ministries of Ukraine “On Organization of Product Certification” of 27.02.1992 No. 95 creation of system of the obligatory product certification began to develop in Ukraine in 1992, this system was called – UkrSEPRO (Ukrainian product certification).

The functions of the National Certification Body were imposed on the State Committee of Ukraine on Standardization, Metrology and Quality of Products (Derzhstandart of Ukraine).

Certification system could not function without relevant infrastructure – network of test laboratories (centers) and product certification bodies. Therefore, the development of the UkrSEPRO system began from the creation of accreditation system of testing laboratories and products certification bodies. For that in 1992 drafts of the first four basic methodic-organizational documents of the UkrSEPRO system were developed:

  • “General Provisions”;
  • “Accreditation of testing laboratories”.
  • “Status on product certification bodies and procedure of their accreditation”;
  • “Preparation procedure and carrying out of product certification”;

At that time developed test basis existed in Ukraine, but it had to confirm its technical competence through accreditation and confirmation of the possibility to carry out conformity assessment.

Very difficult organizational issue was to create a network of independent product certification bodies from the developer, manufacturer, supplier and customer. The solution was found through the creation of “appointment of CB” system by means of assignment of relevant functions of CB on research institutes, special design offices or centers of standardization and metrology. Appointment was carried out by issuing common orders between Derzhstandart of Ukraine and relevant Ministry (authorities). The orders had obligatory requirements to the necessity of gradual separation of structural department from the appointed organization. Legally and financially independent certification body was created on the basis of this department, with its further accreditation for technical competence.

With the purpose of approval of the UkrSEPRO system, a draft of the normative statement was developed, which was adopted later as the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers “On Standardization and Certification” of 10th of May, 1993 No. 46-93.

Next important step of creation of the UkrSEPRO system was development and implementation of “List of products subject to the obligatory certification in Ukraine” and “Status on the procedure of importation of products to the customs territory of Ukraine, which are imported and subject to the obligatory certification” since 1.07.1994. At the time of implementation of the obligatory certification Derzhstandart accredited about 200 testing laboratories and 100 were designated or accredited as product certification bodies.

Implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies” brought the Ukrainian accreditation system to compliance with international and European rules and procedures in sphere of conformity assessment.

This law separated functions of conformity assessment and accreditation. Before creation of NAAU accreditation functions were fulfilled by the State Committee of Ukraine on standardization, metrology and certification. After creation of NAAU accreditation functions and conformity assessment in Ukraine were distinguished.

By the order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (ME) of 04.01.2002 No.5 NAAU was founded and the Status of NAAU was approved.

Kazantsev Sergii Andriyovych was appointed for the position of Chairman of NAAU by the order of ME of 10.04.2002 No. 71/1-П. Zorgach Dmytro Vitaliyovych was appointed for the position of Chairman of NAAU by the order of ME of 27.10.2008 No. № 95-п. Chekalin Volodymyr Mykolayovych was appointed for the position of Chairman of NAAU by the order of ME of 15.07.2010 No. 82-п. Rushchak Volodymyr Myhailovych was appointed for the position of Chairman of NAAU by the order of ME of 12.07.2013 No. 60- п. Gorytskyy Viktor Myhailovych was appointed for the position of Chairman of NAAU by the order of ME of 30.12.2015 No. 208- п. 

By the common order of NAAU and Derzhspozhyvstandart of 09.07.2002 No. 419/1 works on accreditation carried out by Derzhstandart have been handed over to NAAU since 15.07.2002.

“Rules of determination of cost for accreditation work” were approved by the order of ME of 13.08.2002 No. 248 and coordinated with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Rules and amount of payment for works on accreditation of conformity assessment bodies are approved by NAAU.

With the purpose of use of accreditation mark by the accredited CABs description and rules of use of national accreditation mark (order of ME of 21.11.2002) were developed and approved, accreditation mark is registered in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the 27th of November 2002.

The first session of TCA was held on the 18th of December 2002. In this session there was determined the structure of TCA (8 subcommittees), considered the Status of TCA, elected the Chairman of TCA and his deputies – heads of subcommittees. According to the consideration results the Provision of TCA was adopted by the order of NAAU of 28.12.2002 No. 96.

The Provision on Accreditation Council and its membership was also approved. The first meeting of Accreditation Council was took place on the 6th March, 2003.

First version of “Provision of Commission on Appeals of NAAU” (GD-15.00.05) was approved by the order of NAAU of 12.03.2003 No. 192.

“Qualifying requirements, order and rules of attestation of accreditation personnel” (GD-09.00.01) were approved with the purpose of determination of requirements for accreditation personnel and rules of its training. Attestation commission on accreditation personnel was approved as well.

Krasiuk Valerii Vasyliovych was appointed as an internal quality system manager by the order of NAAU No. 95 of 28.12.2002. Gorytskyy Viktor Mykhailovych was appointed as an internal quality system manager from 01.03.2011.

During activity NAAU as a national accreditation body got methodical, informative and financial help within the framework of such European programs:

1. Program TRANSFORM (it is founded by the government of Germany). Seminars, common evaluations, internship in the German accreditation body DACH are happened within the framework of the program. Date – 2003 year.

2. Program TACIS (it is financed by the European Union). Within the framework of the program measure are happened: teaching in SWEDAC (Swedish accreditation body), evaluation of the national system of accreditation by Swedish specialists. A date – 2004 year.

3. Seminar «World Trade and Conformity Assessment, Quality Infrastructure Development» founded by the government of Sweden (agency SIDA). 2005 year.

4. Twinning Project “Strengthening of standardization, market supervision, metrology and legislative metrology, conformity assessment and policy in the field of protection of rights for consumers in Ukraine” (Twinning project UA 06/PCA/TR04). 2008-2010 years.

5. Project of Twinning “Strengthening of activities of the National accreditation agency of Ukraine” (Twinning project UA 06/PCA/TR07). This project is executed by a Dutch-Swedish consortium NEN-RvA-NMI-SWEDAC. Content of project: teaching in the field of accreditation and feature of application for different sectors of economy, participation of NAAU specialists in meetings of the General Assemblies and committees of EA, conducting of accreditation with participation of parties in Ukraine, the Netherlands and Sweden. 2008-2010 years.

6. Project “Technical support of Ukrainian infrastructure of providing of quality” (EuropeAid/126112/SER/UA). Founder – the European Union. Content of project for NAAU: support of participation of NAAU in the work of EA committees, grant of proposals in relation to alterations to the law «On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies». 2009-2010 years.

7. Program of sector budgetary support to ‘Assistance to mutual trade by removing of technical barriers in trade between Ukraine and European Union”. Beginning of implementation – 2011 year.

8. Twinning Project «Further strengthening of National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine» (Twinning project UA 10/ENP-PCA/TR/24). This project is performed by British-German Consortium BSI-NPL-BAM. The start of implementation – 2011 year.

In the beginning of its activity NAAU was located temporary at the address: Kiev, Svyatoshinskaya, 2.

Since May, 2003 NAAU is located at the address: Kiev, prospect Vozzyednannya, 15/17.

Since November, 2009 NAAU is located at the address: Kiev, Kutuzova street, 18/7.

Official web-site of NAAU: www.naau.org.ua.