Cooperation with IAF

Cooperation with the International Accreditation Forum 

IAF is the international network of accreditation bodies and other organizations involved in conformity assessment activity.

IAF exists to achieve the following global goals:
-        to maintain and extend the Multilateral Recognition Agreement (IAF MLA) between members of  IAF accreditation with the aim of reducing risks for businesses and their customers and to ensure confidence regarding the certificates issued by an accredited conformity assessment body in any part of the world;
-        the development and harmonization of the requirements for accreditation throughout the world;
-        promotion of accreditation as an effective mechanism to ensure confidence in the products and services which is an essential condition for elimination of restrictions in world trade.

The main aspect of IAF activity is to ensure that accreditation bodies that are members of IAF provide accreditation only for those conformity assessment bodies, that have necessary competence.

Signing of the IAF MLA have certain advantages not only for the national accreditation body, but also for the national authorities, regulators, businesses, manufacturers and consumers.

IAF MLA provides a reliable and solid basis for the national authorities that may further be used for conclusion of international trade agreements.

IAF MLA for regulators is a globally recognized indicator that demonstrates compliance with the international standards and requirements.

IAF MLA for business provides information concerning a reliability of producers and service providers.

For product manufactures and service providers – IAF MLA is an opportunity to separate  themselves from competitors that produce less quality products and provide substandard services.

Consumers gain confidence in the goods and services that have a conformity mark, or are accompanied by a certificate of conformity. IAF MLA stipulates that such products and services meet the requirements of standards on quality and safety, no matter where they were produced or provided.

Considering the fact that European cooperation for accreditation is recognized by IAF as the regional cooperation body, documents issued by IAF and endorsed by EA General Assembly are mandatory for implementation both by NAAU and its accredited CABs.

IAF and NAAU cooperation history

  • August 2016 NAAU applied for IAF membership. Consequently, in June 2017 NAAU joined IAF as its member.
  • August 2017 NAAU obtained a signatory status for the IAF Multilateral Arrangement in the scopes of “product certification”, “persons certification” and “management systems certification” (for subscopes of “quality management systems” and “environmental management systems”).
  • September 2017 an Agreement for the use of IAF MLA Mark was signed between NAAU and IAF. This Agreement provides accredited certification bodies with an option to use the combined IAF MLA Mark after signing a separate arrangement with NAAU.
  • April 2018 NAAU recognition was extended for the following subscopes:

-         “energy management systems”;
-         “information security management systems”;
-         “medical devices quality management systems”;
-         “food safety management systems”.

  • February 2020 NAAU recognition was extended for the subscope “occupational health and safety management systems”