Cooperation with the Interstate Council


Сooperation with Interstate Council on standardization, metrology and certification

Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (ICS) of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS) is an intergovernmental body for  formulation and carrying out of the agreed policy on standardization, metrology and certification.

The purpose of the existence of the ICS is to support interaction between the regulatory systems of the CIS.

Within the framework of the CIS NAAU takes part in ICS, which was created in the period of 1992-2007 by the Governments of CIS by signing the following documents:

1) An agreements «On carrying out of coordinated policy in the field of standardization, metrology and certification» (Moscow, 13 March 1992);

2) Minutes on amendments of the Agreement «On carrying out of coordinated policy in the field of standardization, metrology and certification ” from 13 March 1992 (Ashkhabad, November 22, 2007), which established the organizational structure within ICS, that puts into effect provisions on the Interstate Council for Standardization, metrology and certification. Within the framework of this agreement Council of ICS was created, as well as scientific-technical Commission on accreditation and working groups on the following types of activities:

-harmonization of technical regulations;



-evaluation (conformity assessment);

-accreditation and others.

The main tasks of ICS in the scope of accreditation are:

1. Creation of the national accreditation systems that are in compliance with international standards and requirements in the CIS Member-States .

2. The creation in each member-state of CIS an independent national accreditation body that has appropriate authority given by the State and meets the requirements of international documents in the field of accreditation.

3. Implementation of the standards in CIS that establish requirements for conformity assessment bodies and are harmonized with the relevant international standards.

4. The creation of a regional organization of the national accreditation bodies of the States-participants of CIS, recognized by international organizations for accreditation.

5. Preparation and adoption of the “Agreement on mutual recognition of the results of accreditation activities for conformity assessment bodies.

6. Establishment of implementation mechanism for the “Agreement on mutual recognition of accreditation bodies of the conformity assessment”.

As a result of the above actions the desired result shall be achieved in order to eliminate technical barriers to trade, not only within the CIS, but also within the global economic space, namely:

-functioning of equivalent accreditation systems of the CIS members participating in regional organizations on accreditation;

-creating the conditions for the equivalence of certificates of conformity and reports issued by the organizations, accredited by members of CIS regional organization on accreditation;

-development of cooperation with the International (regional) organizations in the field of accreditation (ILAC, IAF, EA and others).