Сomposition of Commission on Appeals

(approved at the meeting of Accreditation Council on 09.02.2021)

Name, surname Position, name of organization 
1. Yurii Popruha Deputy Director of Department for Technical regulation and Innovations – Head of Department for Metrology and Metrological Activities of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
2. Roman Semchuk Head of Main Department of the State Labor Service of Ukraine in Kyiv region
3. Taras Ostapchuk  Head of Division for Laboratory Work Management of Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
4. Viktor Rymer First Deputy General Director of State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart” for Conformity of Products, Services, Quality System and Scientific Activities; Director of UkrTEST
5. Іryna Kravchenko Director General of the State Enterprise “Kyivoblstandartmetrology”
6. Vadym Hudoshnyk Director General of JV “Society of Technical Supervision DIEX”
7. Kostyantyn Zharov  Head of Conformity Assessment Center of Wheeled Vehicles and Research of Technical Regulation System of the State Enterprise “State Road Transport Research and Project Institute” of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine