46th EA Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC) meeting

During 06-07 April 2022, NAAU representatives took part in the 46th EA Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC) meeting, which was held remotely. The Council considered the situation in Ukraine and the information provided by NAAU in March and additionally – during the meeting and made the following decision related to NAAU peer evaluation:

  • E- EA MAC reconfirms NAAU’s EA MLA signatory status.
  • Due to the war situation in Ukraine, the peer evaluation of NAAU, which was scheduled to take place in September 2022, according to the MAC Decision of 6th October 2021 (EAMAC(21)DecisionsList45_Rev00_6 October 2021), is on hold.
  • NAAU should keep the MAC informed about the situation of the operation of the accreditation activities. Based on the information received from NAAU, the MAC will decide on the planning for the performing of the peer evaluation.
  • The situation will be reviewed again at the next MAC meeting at the latest.