For the attention of calibration laboratories!

NAAU would like to draw attention of heads of calibration laboratories that are accredited or have intention to be accredited according to the requirements of ДСТУ ISO/IEC 17025:2006 to the necessity of implementation in the laboratory the mandatory document of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (hereinafter – EA) EA-4/02  М:2013 «Evaluation of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration». This document is available on the EA official web-site:

This document sets down the principles of and the requirements on the evaluation of the uncertainty of measurement in calibration and the statement of this uncertainty  in calibration certificates  based on the ILAC policy for uncertainty in calibration as  stated  in  the  ILAC  P14  [ref.5].  Both  ILAC-P14  and  EA-4/02  are  mandatory  for Accreditation  Bodies  that  are  EA  members. This document concentrates on the method most suitable  for  the  measurements  in  calibration  laboratories  and  describes  an unambiguous  and  harmonised  way  of  evaluating  and  stating  the  uncertainty  of measurement in calibration. It comprises the following subjects:

  • definitions basic to the document;
  • methods for evaluating the uncertainty of measurement of input quantities;
  • relationship between the uncertainty of measurement of the output quantity and
  • the evaluated uncertainty of the input quantities;
  • expanded uncertainty of measurement of the output quantity;
  • statement of the uncertainty of measurement;
  • a step by step procedure for calculating the uncertainty of measurement.

Laboratories shall apply this document for developing their own procedures on calculating uncertainty of measurement.

At this moment, NAAU is conducting translation of ЕА- 4/02 М: 2013. This translation will be available on NAAU web-site after its consideration and approval by the Technical Committee on accreditation.