For attention of accredited CABs!

   As a part of corrective action Plan implementation in order to timely eliminate concerns, found by European Cooperation for Accreditation during NAAU evaluation on 25-29 May, 2015, with the purpose of forming a unified technical policy in NAAU activities, ensuring compliance with international standard ISO/IEC 17011:2004 and improving of activities, provided by NAAU, the decree of 07.15.2015. № 199-I was issued:

   1. New version of NAAU management system documents were approved:

- General document «NAAU Policy on traceability of measurements taken by CAB According to the applied accreditation scope» (GD-08.00.09) revision 06.

- Form «Passport of calibration laboratory» (F-08.02.19) revision 04.

2.  On 16 of July, 2015 general document «NAAU Policy on participation in interlaboratory comparison and proficiency testing» came into force (GD-08.00.29) revision 01.

3. The following documents on 16 of July, 2015 were withdrawn:

- General document «NAAU Policy on participation of calibration laboratories in interlaboratory comparatisons» revision 01 dated 07.12.2010;

- General document «NAAU Policy on participation of testing laboratories ILC programs» revision 03 dated 07.12.2010.