Regular meeting of NAAU Accreditation Council

In pursuance of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies” and the international standard DSTU ISO/IEC 17011, the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine organized the regular meeting of the NAAU Accreditation Council April 11, 2017.

The meeting was attended by 16 representatives of central executive authorities, accredited conformity assessment bodies, scientific institutions and associations.

Members of the Council considered the report of NAAU Chairman Dr. Viktor Gorytskyy on activities of the National Agency conducted in 2016. Based on the results of the reporting, the Council unanimously decided to recognize NAAU activities in 2016 as satisfactory.

A number of issues regarding the current state of the national accreditation system of Ukraine were discussed, in particular, the matters regarding amending the existing and implementing new policies in the field of accreditation, amendments made to the Provision on Attestation Commission and Qualification Requirements, the procedure and rules for attestation of accreditation personnel.

The Council also considered proposals for the formation of accreditation scopes of conformity assessment bodies, in particular, testing laboratories.

The head of NAAU Attestation Commission for Accreditation Personnel Bondarenko Yurii introduced the report on activities regarding accreditation personnel for 2016.

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