There was a workshop on “The uncertainty in the measurement of ionizing radiation” (only in Ukrainian)

ANNOUNCEMENT – upcoming seminar

Appointment of NAAU Chairman

Seminar on the ISO/IEC 17065

Ukrainian Quality Association conducted a workshop on the results of the 8th All-Ukrainian Congress on Quality

Participating of NAAU personnel in the committees of EA and ILAC

Report on participation in meeting of RTAs of the Twinning and their partners from the Ukrainian authorities

A meeting at the State Scientific Institution “Ukrainian Research Institute of Forecasting and testing of equipment and technologies for agricultural production named after Leonid Pogorelyi” took place.

A constituent meeting on the issue of accreditation of medical laboratories was conducted.

Information on the participation of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine in the meeting of heads of national agencies for Standardization, Metrology and Certification within the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (MDR) that are Member States to the Agreement “On conducting consensual policy in the field of Standardization, metrology and certification” (43 – meeting MDR)

A meeting of the Presidium of the Technical Accreditation Committee (TAC)

An Order was approved regarding the schedule of personal reception of citizens.

An Order was approved on recommendations for appearance (dress code) for NAAU staff and accreditation personnel.

For the attention of CABs. An order was approved on the value of one person-day for accreditation and monitoring

Workshop on maintaining competence of the assessors for testing laboratories

For the attention of the personnel certification bodies regarding ISO / IEC 17020:2012

For the attention of the inspection bodies regarding ISO / IEC 17020:201

Workshop on standard ISO / IEC 17065:2012

Workshop on maintaining competence of the assessors for testing laboratories.

The new international standard ISO / IEC 17065:2012