Composition of Attestation Commission for Accreditation Personnel


NAAU Order No. 2од dated 04.01.2019

Chairman Position, name of organization
1. Volodymyr Novikov Director of the separate structural unit “Institute for Advanced Training of Specialists in Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy” Odessa State Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Professor
Member Position, name of organization
2. Tetyana Koveshnikova First Deputy Chairman on Accreditation Matters, PhD in Technical Sciences, Deputy Chairman
3. Bondarenko Yuriy Head of department of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, Head of TCA subcommittee “Machine and instrument engineering”, Ph.D.
4. Olga Glukhova Deputy CEO, “Quality Ukraine” LLC
5. Viktoriia Gomeniuk Deputy Head of Department – Head of Division for Accreditation of Certification Bodies, NAAU
6. Sergii Kazantsev President of Ukrainian Association of Conformity Assessment Bodies, Counsellor of NAAU Chairman, Ph.D.
7. Vitaliy Kolomiiets Head of Division for Accreditation of Inspection Bodies
8. Valerii Krasiuk Deputy Chairman of NAAU
9. Sergii Martsynchyk Head of Department for Laboratory Accreditation, NAAU
10. Pavlo Neyezhmakov Director General of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Metrology”, PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor