Meeting of the Attestation Commission for Accreditation Personnel

In order to determine the appropriate level of competence of accreditation personnel, the scheduled meeting of the attestation commission of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine was held March 29, 2018.

At the meeting the candidates from internal and external accreditation personnel were considered and discussed. The aforementioned candidates were seeking the status of assessor or lead assessor in all areas of NAAU activities.

According to the results of the interviews and the review of candidates’ personal records, the Commission made the following decisions:

-          to certify 18 experts for the status of assessor;

-          to certify 1 assessor for the status of lead assessor;

-          to re-certify 9 assessors;

-          to re-certify 2 lead assessors;

-          not to certify 2 experts seeking the status of assessor.